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  •  Another thing - Christian v. Christian. (30+ / 0-)

    Perception that religious objects are going to be misused is a thing. Even if the 'misuse' is 'using it respectfully in a manner different than my church uses it'. The Arizona law makes this perception a legitimate factor in everyday 'how do I get that thing I need?' faith decisions.

    Before I started making my own prayer beads, I bought a single decade rosary at a Catholic hospital gift shop. There was no other local supplier available and I had no clue such things could be found on Amazon. The lady at the counter almost tried to stop me from buying it because I made an offhand mention of being protestant in her hearing - even after I proved I knew more about the history of single decade rosaries than she did, and had thought-out plans of what I was going to pray on said beads. Because I might just want it as jewelry. And they weren't selling pre-blessed rosaries, so that whole 'blessed objects in the hands of the Other' issue wasn't in play.

    Even now when I make something for myself, I'm dependent on no one being able to deny a purchase that is obviously for prayer bead making in an area where very few people belong to religious groups that use any form of prayer beads. If this sort of law comes to Tennessee, the craft stores could technically kick me out if a cashier realized what that kind of connector and cross charms in the same purchase mean someone's making.

    Christian groups in the local minority by population percentage could find themselves removed from access to locally purchase things like prayer beads, religious books, jewelry with cross or Jesus-fish symbols, and so forth if the majority groups deny them on 'it is our religious belief they will misuse this object or symbol that has significance to us, and we refuse to abet this misbehavior' grounds.

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