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  •  a lot of us rue that this day (2+ / 0-)
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    i think i understand the plusses: she was a governor of a border state, she knew the issues,the territory,  she was a woman appointed to a high level cabinet post, etc, made sense in a couple of ways, and maybe she wanted it.
    to his credit, President Obama place 2 quaified women in high profile cabinet posts.
    but it seems to me the president and/his advisors did not understand all of the ramifications of that move, and i wish he could have scouted out two other highly qualified women for those posts, if that was the goal. i don't grouse about it because  i can imagine the sheer mass and complexity of assembling a new administration, but whoever was providing the Arizona analysis really had a tin ear as to  political dynamics in the Grand canyon state.
    it' been awful.
    even more awful has been watching the GOP AZ legislature in action since then. the last few years would have been ugly anyway, but some of it could have been salvaged for sure.

    i feel the same way about Kansas.

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