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View Diary: Georgia's Confederate Flag License Plate Designer: "What's the big deal?" (57 comments)

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  •  Vast majority of confederate soldiers were victims (2+ / 0-)
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    marina, thanatokephaloides

    ...of being sucked into fighting for the cause of the slaveholding southern elite which the vast majority of Confederate foot-soldiers (as opposed to upper-echelon officers) had no personal or economic stake in defending.  They were induced by a combination of "pride of place" propaganda and intense social pressure and threat of being drafted if they didn't join the Confederate army, and endured intense hardship and risk during their armed service of dying from a combination of disease, malnutrition, and exposure even apart from the horrific risks from times of actual combat.

    IF there was any substantial number of actual confederate veterans still alive, I could possibly see the merit of a legitimate charitable organization to benefit those suffering permanent impairment from their war experience.  HOWEVER, even the very youngest soldiers to serve at some point in the Confederate army were born no later than 1850, most had died off by sometime in the 1930s, and the very last tiny handful died off in the 1950s.  Even the number of surviving grandchildren of Confederate veterans are now elderly and dwindling rapidly in numbers.

    In short, there's absolutely NO legitimate "charitable" benefit to any continuing "sons of the confederacy" type organization - these are entirely at this point social organizations of people interested in revisionist defense of indefensible history.

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