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View Diary: Brewer denies she's decided to veto Arizona anti-gay bill (118 comments)

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    Every one of these issues are places where Arizona's poor and minority and native populations are used mercilessly to carry out these "experiments" and channel taxpayer money into the pockets of big business. The private prisons are a HUGE problem, and not just for Arizona's unfortunates. They house "supermax" prisoners in private prisons here on contract from all over the country. A human warehouse system, guaranteed "occupancy rates" and it is all just sickening.

    It's not just in Arizona that this is happening, nor is it Arizona natives who are doing this to us ... it is transplants, retirees, and outside meddling have made a huge fucking mess here. Yes of course we have rednecks and bigots and religious fanatics who are from here too, what state doesn't have a share of those? Lots of them move here, unfortunately. Arizona has become vulnerable to this influence and it mostly outsiders and transplants who elect these fools.

    It is interesting to me as an Arizona born and bread lover of this amazing land, to watch which issues the rest of the country cares about. Private prisons? Nope. Nary a peep. Mostly it all goes unnoticed. So far two laws have been notorious enough to attract notice -- SB1070 and this one. And in both cases, instead of anyone caring about the people being trampled here and wanting to help, it is calls for us all to suffer even more. I am very tired of all this. I love this place, I was born here and have lived most of my life here, and it's just heartbreaking to see so much broad-brush hatred directed at us.

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