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  •  Exactly. It's not the tax brackets that are (6+ / 0-)
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    TDDVandy, Amber6541, MPociask, JeffW, Inland, CwV

    complicated. And in fact have a graduated progressive tax code introduces the least amount of distortions.  Instead of having a huge jump from 10% to 25%. It would take a half a second to plug your income and calculate your taxes even if their were a hundred tax brackets. This is something really easy for a computer to do.

    The tax code is complicated because of all the random deductions and tax breaks that are baked on top of the tax brackets. Also we treat different types of incomes differently and treat different types of spending differently. Some of these tax treatments are totally reasonable, others are clearly give-aways for special interests.

    •  Absolutely this (1+ / 0-)
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      You could fit the filing paperwork for a a tax code that had 16 brackets on one sheet of paper.  It is everything else that makes the tax code an ominous, multi-thousand page behemoth that forces Americans to spend valuable time and money to do what ought to be a simple civic obligation.

      The only other thing I'd point out about brackets is that I think very many (most?) Americans don't actually understand how marginal taxes work, and not knowing how they work, they're happy to see less of something they don't understand.  I would guess many people think that your entire income is taxed at whatever your top rate is - so not knowing how marginal taxes really work, they see the elimination of upper brackets as a matter of equity.  Those poor rich, we really must help them.

      •  In the old days of paper, finding the right tax (1+ / 0-)
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        bracket consisted of putting your finger on a column on the far left and dragging it till it landed on your AGI.

        It always was the easiest part of taxes.

        The dossier on my DKos activities during the Bush administration will be presented on February 3, 2014, with an appendix consisting an adjudication, dated "a long time ago", that I am Wrong.

        by Inland on Wed Feb 26, 2014 at 09:05:15 AM PST

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