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  •  crookshanks replied in detail, kindly. (5+ / 0-)

    I'll be less kind, more real-world.

    Here is what I wish:
    1) I want you to fully understand that your guns can kill you, and your family members and those who visit your home.  
    Treat every gun as-if loaded.  Those of us born before the video game era, know there's no "extra life" when a gun discharges.  
    bang most often = fatal.  That's fatal fatal, not "Play Again / Quit".
    2) I want you to fully understand that your gun is 20-30 times more likely to shoot you, a family member, or a friendly visitor.
    Of the thousands of people I know who carry and/or possess a firearm at home, none have qualified for a GunFAIL diary.
    Often, when we read GunFAIL, it includes police-involved shootings.
    Get back to me when we're going to demilitarize the police, never mind get to a point where we remove sidearms from our newly-reformed Metropolitans.
    3) As a matter of national policy, I wish that ALL:
    i. gun owners be licensed,
    ii. be required to take a licensed training class,
    iii. register all their guns with local authorities,
    iv. carry insurance to cover the cost of injuries caused by your gun.  
    Yes, adamantly.
    Pick one.  Gun insurance or the tax cited below.  Otherwise?  You're redlining firearms ownership.  Wealthy, whites, hip-hop moguls, and gangsters can afford firearms.  
    Poor, black, working two jobs, and being lawful - can't.  Got it.
    I also wish that law enforcement be required to take blood samples to look for drug and alcohol use anytime law enforcement is called to investigate any shooting.  I also propose that states ally an additional tax on guns and ammo sales to help defray the medical costs of gun injuries currently borne by the state.
    Let's start with the police.  Get this past the Unions, get this past the legislators who would also be financially liable for a self-medicating/intoxicated/prescription-addled cop shooting a civilian - and then talk to me.

    Personally?  I've never met a cop who felt somehow restricted in making a firearms-related arrest.
    SYG and/or Castle Law is mostly viewed as "lawyer stuff".
    Use or display a firearm, and you're going to be arrested.
    At least where there are sidewalks and street lights.
    You, the cops and the prosecutor can claim whatever before the court.

    Right now?  You're going to be locked-down for 72 hours per the USA PATRIOT Act before we have to bring you before a magistrate for a custody hearing. Meanwhile, we're going to execute a warrant and turn your life upside down.  Anything in your house you want to tell me about right now?  
    Guns?  Drugs? Kiddie porn?
    Write your computer and cell phone passwords down right now.  DO IT.
    Do NOT fuck with me.  
    I will make your life a living hell if you do.  What's your social security number?  Do you have bank accounts?  Where?  Investment accounts?  
    Write it all down.  NOW.

    When we get to the station, you can call an Attorney.  If you don't have one, you will be provided a Public Defender.
    You can stop answering questions at any time.  
    Do you understand this?  YES or NO.  
    Do you need an interpreter?
    YES or NO.

    If you stop answering questions, I'm going to tell the judge, and you will stay in jail until your trial, where I do everything possible to put you away for the maximum sentence.
    Are you going to cooperate, or do you want a lawyer?
    Hey, one of you guys get the leg irons, and waist chain.
    When is the TV crew getting here?
    I want a real good look at his face, as we put him in the car.

    A view of the wife and kids is probably too good to pass-up too.
    They're going to have a real good time of it, while you spend most of a year in jail, before trial.
    STILL want that lawyer?  
    STILL want to keep FUCKING with me?

    Out in the gollyhumps, a/k/a "flyover country":
    Where the cops take 45 minutes to drive to your residence or business?  Perhaps not so much.
    Least intervention:
    "We'll take the gun Hugh... you probably want to talk to a lawyer first thing in the morning.  The Detectives will be by, and you may be taken into custody.  Don't make us come looking for you."

    Likely intervention:
    "You're under arrest for assault with a firearm.  You have the right to speak with an attorney, if you can not afford an attorney one can be provided to you at no cost.  You have the right to refuse to answer all questions.  Do you understand this?"

    "You also will be viewed as more suspect, if you say nothing, and demand a lawyer before answering the Detectives questions.  Just so you know the rules of the game.  So you want to call a lawyer, or do you want to help solve this investigation and be home quicker?"

    Welcome to the real world.  The one where the dash cams and lapel cams "malfunctioned".  Shit technology.  Happens ALL the time.  More so every time some cops get jammed-up with said technology.

    Like an antibiotic-resistent bacteria, you learn to defeat the safeguards.

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