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View Diary: What not to do if you see a moose. In one short vid. (284 comments)

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  •  There should be legal consequences (19+ / 0-)

    Moose are perfectly capable of killing someone as dumb as that guy.  They wouldn't even work up a sweat doing so.  That one appeared to be a young cow and not very aggressive.  

    The question for me, given that this is a time when moose, elk, deer, and other wildlife is under significant stress, how can they be this cruel?  These animals haven't had a good meal since around Thanksgiving.  They're trying to keep activity down and make it through another couple of weeks so they can avoid starvation.  Harassing one, running deliberately at it with a snow machine, is a crime in Maine and it should be punished as well with strong social pressure.  I'll bet it is a crime wherever that fool was riding.  I hope the wardens pay that guy a visit, and his club should be reading him the riot act.

    I stopped by the garage where my snow machine is supposedly getting some minor work done (for far longer than I like - not a good sign), and heard gossip among the trail groomers about some damn fool who thought a similar circumstance was an opportunity to immortalize both himself and the moose.  The photos will make good evidence.  Evidently too, he will live.  What amazes me is that someone would see a wild animal the size of a moose (and there is no such thing as a small moose), and think, "Oh good, let's play."  I'm told the wardens are interested.  Good.

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