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View Diary: What not to do if you see a moose. In one short vid. (284 comments)

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    I still have it brought over whenever a friend visits. People would have 5 or 6 hindquarters hanging in their garages curing. I would suggest that the only people you know who hunt internationally are those who pay the bucks to be a safari hunter and bring home the hee-man big game trophy. When you say the meat was donated to the locals - I was a local! This whole comment comes off as pretty elitist with the stereotypical big white game hunting "bwana" going out and getting his elephant head and probably leaving the leftovers to the darkies.

    If you are going to claim that you never heard of European or American expatriots or long-time citizens going hunting for meat in Africa or Asia and not just for a lion, tiger, leopard or other big game head,  then I think that is rather indicative of your problem. This comment comes off as "whites only want the good, cool parts of a kill - the dark-skin locals can grub down on the nasty leftovers." Well - the nasty leftovers can be down-right tasty!

    I read the title and diary. I really was with you until he pulled out a handgun and popped the moose. That's when everything changed.

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      hunters I've ever heard of who hunt in Africa. I run into them at the range. I've lived in Asia but avoid eating wildlife as hunting is not regulated. I lived in a very rural part of
      Asia and never heard of any expats hunting though most locals did. It was frowned upon as either you are hunting animals that locals need to eat or potentially endangered species.

      If you have hunted in Africa I would think you would understand a self defence shooting even if done by someone who had made many dumb mistakes up to that point. We don't expect dumb people to get killed by moose for being dumb. I found no instance of the video offering up any sort of indication of glorifying of what happened or anything else, and I don't see how you can infer any of that about me or the maker of the vid.

      Yes of course I chimed in immediately that he wouldn't be prosecuted as it was self defence. It was obvious to me, it's in the vid.

      The person who posted the vid is Russian. He also has vids of going 150km on a sled behind a snowmobile and of a woman jumping out into the road trying to get run over. I've no idea what if anything his vids are meant to say or if he even took them.

      I thought it was a great example of how not to crowd a moose, that's why I posted it, as I said in the writing and the title. I understand that animal rights people like to say all kinds of things, also anti gun people, what I don't expect is condemnation from someone who hunts where none is deserved.

      “Conservation… is a positive exercise of skill and insight, not merely a negative exercise of abstinence and caution…” Aldo Leopold

      by ban nock on Fri Feb 28, 2014 at 07:57:01 PM PST

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