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  •  Astute and wise comment. That's exactly (10+ / 0-)


    The parallels with the The Nephew situation are remarkable.

    Yesterday I got hit with FIFTY HRs for stating rather mildly, with no insults, at the start of Pensador's "My Response" diary that I doubted he could stop being himself (in other but similar words).

    As it turned out, within 24 hours--just as with the blinding speed of the reversal in the TN situation (me reinstated, TN banned)--it turned out I was right.

    And not a single one of those 50 HRers has apologized to me, privately or publicly, although two or three have commented in various places today that they're disappointed in Pensador, removing recs, etc.

    People have all kinds of  reasons why they claim their HRs there were justified, all of which I reject as disingenuous or confused.  The obvious truth is rising to defense of their hero.  And now that it's clear they're wrong, none of them will own it.

    I think I can fairly imply that they're mainly a little short on integrity.  But unlike Pensador, I haven't called anybody (or most of us) a paid infiltrator, nor have I called Markos, most FPers, and most members "complicit enablers," as Pensador today in another fact-free, fervent, flamboyant and ridiculous diary.

    This is a fascinating place.  I've stayed here for more than 10 years.  The average level of intelligence and knowledge is off the charts, higher than anywhere I know except for some specialist sites (like Bad Astronomy).

    But it's really not a reality blog.

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