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  •  To paraphrase Dr ML King's predecessor ... (16+ / 0-)

    Dr. Martin Luther King's predecessor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, in Montgomery, Alabama, was Rev. Vernon Johns.  Rev. Johns was even more of a "troublemaker" than Dr. King would be, if less effective and more abrasive.

    What is happening to Ray reminds me of one of the more colorful stories about Rev. Johns.  Rev. Johns had almost as much trouble with hypocrisy in his congregation as with the racists of Montgomery.  For example, one stuck up, well off family had a son who decided to live the thug life and even terrorized members of the congregation. When the son was murdered, they insisted on a church funeral, which Rev. Johns did not want to provide. Eventually, the Board of Deacons and other elders forced Johns to give the service.

    We don't have a recording of it and is told and re-told mostly through the recollection of Andrew Young.  Rev. Johns marched brusquely to the pulpit and said,

    "[So and so] lived a trifling and worthless life. He went around Montgomery daring someone to cut his throat. Saturday night somebody obliged him. He lived like a dog; he died like a dog. Undertaker claim the body."
    Rev. Johns then marched out of the church.

    Ray wrote a lot of trifling, illogical, counter factual, conspiracy theory diaries with a toxic additional dose of intra-DK paranoia.  He went around DK daring anybody to disagree with him on even the most trivial factual points on threat of being called out as a paid shill, troll, disruptor or idiot -- or ganged up on by his posse with HR abuse and false accusations to the moderators.  

    He dared anyone to call him out and insult him the way he insulted the overwhelming majority of the members of this community, and the Tuesday afternoon, Markos obliged him.

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