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  •  and this from Cornell: Lincoln's (7+ / 0-)
    crown of Lincoln's is usually streaked, while that of Swamp Sparrow is solid brown
    this one seems streaky.

    Song Sparrow:..a white (not buff) upper breast,...this seems to haz the streaky breast.

    Lincoln's Sparrow

    The Fox Sparrow site says:... “Sooty” Fox Sparrows along the Pacific Coast are very dark brown above.

    this has the obvious grey patches on it's a Fox maybe not a Sooty Fox Sparrow.

    And then there's the Savannah Sparrow:..


    Adult "Belding's form"

        Small-headed and short-tailed sparrow
        Belding's form of coastal California is darker overall with heavier streaks on breast
        Yellow patch between eye and bill"

    so except for the missing yellow streak...

    I am more confused than I want to be!

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Wed Mar 12, 2014 at 04:26:01 PM PDT

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