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View Diary: The Republican Party's transparent agenda of class warfare (107 comments)

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    Laurence Lewis

    ONE of the main things I remember from my Labor Relations class in college is my professor explaining how management will employ policies to keep employees on edge, distrustful of each other, in order to keep them from organizing together for better pay, benefits and equal, fair consideration for promotion. I have seen it at work in many of my jobs. And I see it in how the gop and tea-baggers play their supporters. Through lies, deception, manipulation and misrepresentation they are able to keep the members of their party and tea-baggers in line and voting for them. Propaganda heavy on fear, uncertainty, insecurity, tinged with racism and blatant perversions of religion keeps their followers fired up just enough that they can't see they are actively working against their own best interest. I just don't get it. Maybe the nation will have to devolve into a Third World plutocracy for these people to finally rise against their masters.

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