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  •  This idea that the country is far worse (7+ / 0-)

    off than it was in the 1950s and 1960s is hogwash...

    In that era, African-Americans were virtually enslaved in the South under Jim Crow; now we have an African-American President and an upwardly mobile AA population. Hispanics were just as bad off in the Southwest. Now Hispanics are still struggling, but more upwardly mobile. If you were gay in the 1960s, you had to hide that or risk being completely ostracized. Now gay marriage is finally completely legal in some states.

    In that era, pervasive spying on groups believed to be subversive was far worse than it is now. You actually had a tyrannical head of the FBI who targeted political enemies for destruction (J. Edgar). You had institutions like HUAC in Congress questioning the patriotism of Americans, most of whom had little to no link to the Communists. You had COINTELPRO, a program that makes everything the NSA is doing now look like tiddlywinks.

    In that era, Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River were so polluted that they actually caught on fire. That's only one of a series of manmade environmental disasters that destroyed much of our drinking water. Environmental regulations are far more stringent than they were 50-60 years ago. The US still doesn't do enough to curb carbon dioxide emissions but environmental awareness is far greater than it used to be.

    In that era, the press was even more compliant to the executive than it is now. If JFK were president in the age of social media, the only thing we'd be hearing about are the stories about his affairs. The early 1960s media kept it hush-hush. Nobody ever questioned Ike the way modern presidents are questioned in press conferences.

    In that era, women were condemned for attempting to break stereotypical gender roles. In 2014, women are earning more professional degrees (MDs, JDs) than men.

    Agreed on the income issues, but that was put in motion by Reagan, and Obama's attempts to turn it around are like steering a gigantic aircraft carrier the other way.

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