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    I think compromise is overrated in politics. It's usually what people claim we need, but the effective way to govern is to conquer with a winning idea.

    If you take Obamacare as a win, the idea that won was to mandate everyone get some kind of coverage. That was a "conservative" idea from the Heritage Foundation, and it won the day. The fact that Democrats adopted it doesn't make it any less a fact that the other side won the argument. They conquered.

    A better way to win this would have been with a liberal argument, which is that all essential healthcare should be paid for by the federal government out of a progressive tax. Healthcare funding is not a legitimate market because it gets profits from the death and suffering of the insured. It is rightly something that should be paid for either by a non-profit entity or the government. We could have conquered with this idea, but we didn't try. Our leaders decided to give in on the ideological argument for the expediency of getting something done.

    The reason I say "better" is that it would have moved us toward the stated objective of affordable, universal coverage. The only way to achieve that goal is with some kind of public system. That's because the for-profit system (which ACA enhanced) includes, by design, a huge slice of waste. Even the best medical loss ratio in ACA is 85%, which means 15% of the spending goes to overhead costs. Compare that with the 3-4% typical in a public system, and you are seeing over 10% overhead that's more or less pure waste.

    So, I would like to see less compromise and more conquer. To do that, we need to be inventive and dedicated to our cause. That's the winning strategy. We need to show the public as a whole why we have the better plan. Then we need to ride public opinion to victory.

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