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View Diary: Update (video) MSNBC anchor called Bush protesters unpatriotic (18 comments)

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  •  exactly (4.00)
    She should have said "For the most part, this hand-picked, thoroughly-screened group representing a minority of Americans was very supportive of the President."
    •  Thanks! (none)
      I just want to say thanks for breaking this news again, jmelli!!

      Glad to see others (I won't name names) aren't trashing this thread as a "rehash" of an old diary like mine.

      This story may seem "minor" or "overblown" to some at dkos, but IMHO it is indicitive of how things are (especially in the MSM).

      Even though she did not use "unpatriotic", she clearly implied it -- and that is outrageous, coming from a person in her position.

      She should apologize and then do a story on the protesters, somehow.

      The MSM uses the insidiously uses the flag on a daily bases to "manufacture consent".

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