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View Diary: Update (video) MSNBC anchor called Bush protesters unpatriotic (18 comments)

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  •  not so bad (none)
    after watching what she said i don`t think she meant that the protesters were un patriotic only that the majority of the crowd was pro bush, i think she didn`t  express herself correctly.still she should have corrected herself later on.
    •  but she didn't (none)
      and there is no excuse for someone in that position putting her own spin, or the spin of the network on that report.
    •  No. It was bad. (4.00)
      She clearly characterized those that were excited to see bush as patriotic and the protestors as unpatriotic. I am beyond livid about this and she should have retracted statement immediately.
       And...there were more than a 'couple' of protestors holding many signs.
      This (downplaying of the protestors) was false reporting.
      Was she even there??
      Where were the producers on this? They listen to this chick babble don't they?
      I blame them more than I do a talking head.

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