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View Diary: Update (video) MSNBC anchor called Bush protesters unpatriotic (18 comments)

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  •  Numbers (4.00)
    According to the local (republican owned) newspaper, there were about 4,000 people at the ticket-only Presidential Event. I find it amusing that there were 5,000 tickets given out, but apparently some 1,000 didn't bother to get up early to stand in the heat.

    And it's been reported that there were 350 Protestors. We carried signs, sang such unpatriotic songs as "America the Beautiful," and chanted in an apparently threatening manner (?) "This is what democracy looks like."

    So on behalf of my 349 friends, I am very insulted to be called UNPATRIOTIC. I was exercising one of those Bill of Rights thingies, you know - Freedom of Speech.

    "Unpatriotic my ASS!"

    by WV Democrat on Tue Jul 05, 2005 at 08:15:21 PM PDT

    •  Heroic AND Patriotic (4.00)
      Your protest is heroic. Few people know how important these relatively small protests (EVERYWHERE) will be to American History. In a completely globalized world, citizens still have their feet squarely planted on their native earth, whether they identify with a town, a university or a state. The Executive Branch can trample all the other branches and agencies under its control, but it can't trample the grass of "grass roots," and money can't make the grass green.

      Keep protesting, keep picketing. I took Kerry signs and fliers up and down the streets of Belpre, Ohio during the 2004 Campaign, then drove across W.VA and saw all the democrats waving their signs at major intersections and malls. No Republicans were putting their safety on the line; they preferred to shout their stupid slogans from their SUV's. Back in October, OH, WV, MD and VA were all full of Bushaholics, raging at anyone who dared to sober up.  

      •  hell YEAH (4.00)
        BushCo, the GOP, and their media stooges -- including this ignorant bimbo -- just LOVE to get all misty-eyed and sentimental when it comes to pro-democracy demonstrations around the world.

        Here in the USA, though?...Not so much.  

        Unpatriotic, you see.

        •  by the way... (none)
          To jmelli:

          Many thanks for catching this and keeping us updated.

          Let's give them HELL for shit like this, every time we see it!!

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