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View Diary: Sociopathic stance on Obamacare would be fatal to GOP if successful (62 comments)

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    This is then spun by the right as a politician intimidating a constituent. As the Salon piece points out, Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) found that out when his lawyer challenged the TV stations playing the Julie Boonstra ads with a plethora of lies.
    Rep. Peters committed a huge tactical blunder by commissioning a law firm Perkins, Coie to write a letter explicitly on behalf of his campaign to a television station that had run the "Julie's story" ad with a challenge to the station's license.  It would have been far wiser for some third-party individual with no traceable affiliation with his campaign to have commissioned the letter from the law firm, because Peters' affiliation gave the right wing media and blogsphere a basis for creating a huge distraction - an alleged attempt by Peters to blackmail and intimidate both the station and Julie Boonstra into silence for speaking out on Obamacare in a manner Peters disapproved of.

    If you have doubts I'm right about this, Google "Gary Peters television station", and see the numerous hits on this from right-wing media and blogs blowing toxic smoke at Peters over trying to intimidate the station.

    DON'T GET ME WRONG: The ad is so deceptively misleading as to be fraudulent, but it is a political ad, not a business advertisement.  Peters did NOT get into trouble so much for criticizing the falsity of Boonstra's claims about her policy, as for seeming to try to intimidate her into silence by threatening media outlets not to accept any ads with her as spokesperson.  FAR FAR BETTER would have been to seek to run counter-ads pointing out that her insurance situation is not what she says it is; and outlining the truth in a way illustrating how people like Julie are in fact benefitting from Obamacare's reforms.

    As to confronting the stations about false advertisements, let third parties not affiliated with candidates or formally with the democratic party mount any legal challenges to the stations about false ads.  The publicity would no doubt still follow, but the attempt of the right wing to throw up a distraction to the issue of misrepresentation of Obamacare would be far less effective.

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