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  •  Which prometed Kruschev to install missles (0+ / 0-)

    in Cuba and which were ultimately withdrawn from Turkey. If you're looking for white knights in this world, well, you'd better jump to a different timeline. There's a few here, but none of them are in government. And neither Democracies or Totalitarian regiemes seem to pick them as rulers, although Democracies at least occasionaly allow the white knights amongst them to live.

    •  Who said I was looking for white knights? (1+ / 0-)
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      Bensdad skips the crucial step in the timeline: we put missiles on the doorstep of the USSR. The USSR responded.

      Would they have installed missiles in Cuba without us having them in Turkey? It is possible. However, the fact remains that the USSR felt very threatened by those Jupiter missiles in Turkey and then moved missiles to Cuba.

      They didn't do so in a vacuum like Bensdad's comment suggests.

      Looking at both sides isn't the same as searching for white knights.

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