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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections FL-13 special election liveblog thread #1 (392 comments)

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    Special elections are just that, special. They don't follow the usual patterns. The Democrats narrowly lost a toss-up district --- so? It's one seat. The general election will be different. If Sink is a lousy candidate, then here's hoping someone better is running for the general. Given higher turnout in the general, and higher turnout usually helping Democrats, the seat is still entirely winnable. It was Republican before, and it remains such, so it's as if the late congressman was still alive.

    If we want to take a lesson, I'm guessing the lesson is more money isn't an insurmountable advantage, and the ground game probably needs improving. I say probably because I have no idea how much ground game there was, but finding about 2% more voters between now and November is quite doable.

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      LordMike, MichaelNY

      Yes, I know special elections don't mean all that much.  But the landscape for 2014 looks fairly bleak.  Most likely scenario seems almost no change in the House, Senate losses of 3-7 seats (hopefully we keep a bare majority) and a few Governorship pickups.  

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