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View Diary: What's for Dinner? v8.31: Asparagus to usher in spring! (58 comments)

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  •  beef fajitas (8+ / 0-)

    I did not cheat tonight.  I used flank steak, one of the most otherwise unusable cuts of beef known.  This dish has a history.  Ranchers gave their Mexican help the least valuable beef cuts.  Hence, Menudo, and fajita.
    The Mexicans took that meat and turned it into a staple for Texans.  I can't speak for NM or AZ or CA, but where I am from, beef fajitas are a staple of high end Tex-Mex restaurants.
    Oh, and my house.
    I taught my brother how to trim and cook asparagus just this morning.
    'Tis the season!

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