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View Diary: Fundie leader Bill Gothard accused of harassing women and failing to report child abuse (31 comments)

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  •  I remember those seminars... (18+ / 0-)

    .... I attended them, with my sister, back in the '70s.

    The teachings really STRESSED the hierarchical structure of a family, with the husband/father on top, as a direct parallel to the hierarchical structure of human society with God as the benevolent father figure on top --  anything a father or other person in authority over you did, ANYTHING -- was seen as part of God's will for you.  

    A lot about male authority, a lot about wives and children being submissive. A lot about forcing obedience through corporal punishment -- even with small toddlers.  

    That authoritative structure is self-corrupting -- not only for a woman's or child's sense of self-worth and identity, but also for the man, who is taught his will for those 'in submission' to him is parallel to God's.  

    Small wonder why men who truly absorb this treat those under them with casual regard for personal boundaries.  They've been told over and over that they have the RIGHT to do this, that it is their purpose in God's ideal society, to be the ruler of their household, and that they are OWED obedience and compliance from any younger person, or any female. If they're 'right with the Lord' and 'walking the right path' etc. etc., then what they are doing is godly and right as well....

    And those who worked for them, whose faith was also shaped and defined by those teachings, were taught that compliance and submission were what God intended for them -- regardless of what one in authority said or did to them. And of course, even if one of them DID speak up -- no one would believe them.  How could such a godly man, yadda, yadda, do such a thing?  He goes to church THREE TIMES a WEEK!  He prays with his family every night! He can quote scripture! He works in the soup kitchen!  Impossible!  

    Left that shit behind a long time ago.  But I still remember it.


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