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View Diary: Russia's Military Presence in Crimea and the Parliamentary Resolution (271 comments)

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  •  two hours ago live German TV from (5+ / 0-)
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    Simferopol 6000 - 8000 Russian basically have taken the most important building (often the soldiers without signs on their uniform as you can see in this photo) of the Crimea and that in a pretty relaxed fashion. No intentions to start a military disaster. Apparently there is no big opposition to it. There are may be 200 - 300 - people who came to show their support for the Russian military.

    Putin has permission through the resolution to start military actions in the the whole area of the Ukraine, but is not expected to to use it in Kiev, says the reporter in Simferopol. Putin will try to destabilize the Ukraine to keep influence over the Ukraine by probably weaken the Ukraine in trying to split the South from the rest of the Ukraine.  Putin has put his military in a postition that he could use military force in Kiev directly, but it's not expected he will do so.  

    The reaction of the muslim Tartars is considered important within the next days, they say. I am not understanding yet why.  I am going to wait for the next live in 40 minutes.

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