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View Diary: Russia's Military Presence in Crimea and the Parliamentary Resolution (271 comments)

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  •  I posted a diary a few minutes after your reply (0+ / 0-)

    and, by coincidence, the first part of it is about how I learned to skip the mass media and the canned opinions it delivers. Now that I gather factual information myself, I can see how misleading the media is.

    As an example I used transcripts from the Kremlin's English language website of a great interview an AP reporter did with Putin, and also a press conference Putin gave. (In the interview Putin filled in some detail about Edward Snowden, connected with human rights, that most Americans probably never heard.)

    In both of these settings, Putin spoke at length about Ukraine. During the press conference 2 months ago Putin said he gave Yanukovych an either/or choice. The EU or Russia. He made it clear that Russia would stop trading with Ukraine if it signed the EU Affiliation Agreement. Ukraine can't survive without its supply of natural gas from Russia.

    Commondreams isn't mass media but the piece you linked is 90% false. Nuland is a neo-con fuckup for sure.The Ambassador is just as bad. But the theory that there was coup-plotting ignores the fact that Yanukovych had offered Yats the PM job on his own. And it ignores the part about bringing in Robert Serry and Ban Ki Moon from the UN to "glue it." I seriously doubt those two would get involved in a State Dept coup. If anyone thinks it's more than a rumor, why don't they ask Serry/Moon?

    And of course Commondreams is just regurgitating Stephen Cohen's bullshit story. He teaches Russia studies at NYU where I got my Journalism degree. I can't imagine why he decided to go this route. His wife edits The Nation. He lived in Russia during the Soviet era and he's practicing the same kind of propaganda tactics they used. But why? He's contradicting what Putin says point blank on his own Kremlin website.

    I think Americans can figure out that Ukraine and Russia are peas in a pod or "one nation" as Putin said, if they had access to plain facts. I don't believe people need anyone to tell them what to think.

    There is no existence without doubt.

    by Mark Lippman on Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 12:10:36 AM PST

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