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View Diary: DA Angela Corey Now Seeks 60 Years Against Marissa Alexander In 2nd Trial (227 comments)

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  •  Per the court's SYG findings, she had not lived (0+ / 0-)

    at that residence for 2 months. She had obtained a restraining order against the ex-husband, and yet she violated her own restraining order by showing up at his house.
        As for going to jail for such a long time: Once again, per the court, she fired what she calls a warning shot at the ex-husband. It penetrated a wall behind him and was deflected into the ceiling of the adjacent room.
        Mr. Dunn is looking at a 60 year sentence for a very similar act: Firing a pistol at someone.
        Apparently, many people on this site feel that women have a right to shoot at their ex boyfriends and husbands.
        There will always be disparity in sentencing in any legal system. But the law in Florida is very clear about use of a firearm while committing a crime. The law applies to whites as well as blacks. I've been on a jury which convicted a white man of manslaughter with a firearm, which would have sent him away for life under 10-20-life.
       The fact that Ms. Alexander didn't hurt anyone is a matter of luck. The criminal justice system exists to protect the public from, among other things, people who want to settle arguments with gunfire.  

    •  you have an attitude (1+ / 0-)
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      Denise Oliver Velez

      "apparently many people on this site feel that women have a right to shoot ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands"

      Not a single person has expressed that. You have decided to take it that way, draw that conclusion and/ or exaggerate for effect or whatever the right word is in English for how you state that I sure there is a better way for me to say it.

      If the exact circumstances were reversed...abusive relationship, power differential but the man was abused not the woman, admitted physical violence to the shooter minutes before they got the gun---I'd feel the same way (I"ve a dear male friend physically abused and intimidated by a spouse).

      People feel protective of her mostly because of the nature of their relationship, which is documented. IT is  also hard for people to ignore his recanted report that he had physically attacked her after she locked herself in the bathroom, and that if she had not fired the shot he would have hurt her, and that he himself thought he "probably deserved it".

      That doesn't mean we favor women and want men dead. It may seem that way because more abusers that severely injure their spouses are men, mostly because men are physically almost always stronger than a woman in a hetero relationship.

      What were her reasons for going over there? You speak as if she went to have an argument and confront him. Apparently, she called or texted to go over there to pick up some of her property/belongings that were still in that house, where she used to live. Her ex doesn't dispute why she went there yet you use it in your list of reasons why she is to blame or it was bizarre behavior. Probably not a good idea but kind of complicated also if you need your things and they are there where you used to live at the guy's house. She just had a baby, chaotic time, probably made a bad choice to just txt him (did it mean he should leave? Not sure she still had a key) and go get the stuff herself.

      You keep leaving out the human rationale why people do things and list what she did as damning. What she did is understandable and human given her experience. It also was wrong. But the guy had just grabbed her neck after she'd locked herself in the bathroom (didn't he bust down the door first?) and threatened to kill her because he was angry and accusing her the baby wasn't his. She tried to get out but the garage door didn't open. She didn't go to the garage to get the gun, but grabbed it not able to get out. It just makes more sense, too.

      But whatever, it's not worth arguing. I know some people here may seem angry at men but if confronted would really distinguish it as being angry at the victimization of someone already victimized.

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