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View Diary: Six Port-Authority Insiders Shed Light on Toll Hikes, Bridgegate (109 comments)

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  •  Thank you, awesome and disgusting (12+ / 0-)

    So much suspected is confirmed in that article:

    Christie and his operatives had their sights on the PA's piggybank from the gitgo.  To secure political power, Christie needed a slush fund of public money to hand out for favors.  To be a conservative, he had to run on never ever raising taxes.  He got that non-tax slush fund from (i) killing the ARC tunnel, (ii) dipping into the PA's discretionary budget, to be replenished with toll hikes (not taxes!!) and (iii) when Sandy happened along, well that was a nice little bonus fund.

    Two juicy details from the article:

    Big ass secret meeting to plan the toll hike campaign, attended by Christie, Samson, Baroni and Wildstein.  Baroni and Wildstein were obviously Christie's dedicated political operatives at the PA, there he is meeting with them in a super-secret meeting to plan some dirty work, but of course:  Wildstein who?  Christie barely ever heard of him.

    Second:  There is yet another trademark Christie lie.  He's in on a plot from the very beginning, then makes a public show of being completely unaware and shocked!! when news of the toll hikes come out.

    If the Bergen Record doesn't get a Pulitzer for its work here, there is no justice

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