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  •  In my ideal world, there is a 24/7 nurse line (10+ / 0-)

    where you can always talk to a live person without going through any menus -- for those pesky "I just don't feel quite right" moments when calling 911 feels like huge overkill for what may indeed be indigestion or just a headache, but may be something life-threatening.

    I remember calling the pediatrician's office, which had such a nurse line, years ago -- I think it was a Sunday afternoon, and my teenage daughter had a splitting headache and felt nauseated. The nurse asked a lot of good questions, which I relayed and relayed the answers back. She said it was probably a migraine, give her 800 mg of ibuprofen and call back if she wasn't feeling better in an hour. It saved us an ER or office visit and a lot of anxiety, and told us exactly what to watch for. And I'm sure a note went in her file so that the next time she went in for a physical, the doctor would know about it.

    •  Your ideal world = France (6+ / 0-)

      I live in Italy and though we have a pretty good national health care system, there are still gaps, and that pediatric one is one of the biggest.  There is only one children's hospital here in Rome and it serves a population of over 3.5 million people, and so many people use the hospital use it for illnesses that are not life threatening. I hate the thought of bringing my kids there even though sometimes I have real doubts about how they're doing.  

      In my ideal world, we would all have access to pediatricians who do home visits, especially when you have small children running really high fevers.

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