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    ...the graveyard is full of people who thought it was indigestion.

    The first sign of the clot in my brain was vomiting. I think I had a headache too but I mostly remember spending an hour and a half puking up green slime. Maybe it was because of brain swelling, I don't know. Then on one of my trips from bed to bathroom I fell ad landed flat on my face. I couldn't get up because I couldn't move my right side.

    Did I think I should maybe see a doctor about this? Hah! dream on.

    I knew this was one of the signs of a stroke but, I thought, strokes are for old people. I wasn't even twenty one. I took a short nap and when I woke up the hemiplegia was gone. I got up and went about my business as if nothing happened. I felt sorta weird and had a nagging headache but I thought if I ignored it it would all go away.

    I really got clobbered a few weeks later.

    I was a dumbass and I paid for it dearly. Please don't assume you're too young or too healthy to have a stroke. They can happen to anyone. I assume it's the same with heart attacks. Don't try to tough it out. Nursing homes are full of stroke patients.

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    by Ice Blue on Sun Mar 02, 2014 at 06:37:47 PM PST

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