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  •  One morning near 4:44 am I got up to go to the (3+ / 0-)
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    bathroom and fell back on the bed. I was dizzy and fuzzy. I went to the bathroom with a cane and went back to sleep.

    In the morning I was still very dizzy and became a bit more fuzzy. I called my daughter (speed dial) because I couldn't see the numbers on my phone. She called an ambulance which came and took me to the ER.

    I was dehydrated and would have died if I had done nothing. I did not realize I was dehydrated and was told going back to sleep was a very bad idea. I was in the hospital 3 days, on IVs and drinking lots of water.

    PLEASE, do NOT ignore your symptoms if this should occur. Death would have come way too soon for me if I had ignored it. Please do not be ashamed to go to the ER, as I was when I fell back asleep. Go and save your life!

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