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  •  I have no problem being a scientist/Christian... (3+ / 0-)
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    However, I certainly am not a biblical literalist. I certainly can believe in evolution, the ancient age of the universe and earth and that the big flood was probably an ancient deluge or ice dam collapse that wiped out much of a "known" area of geography. Don't know much about the ark, but was certainly intrigued by the recently translated clay cylinder predating the Bible that indicated it was round instead of rectangular (at least according to stories of the time).
    I'm quite comfortable with the idea that Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and others can find their way to salvation/eternal life/reincarnation or whatever afterlife there might be. I practice my Christianity as not being an exclusionist. I'm fascinated by the parts of the Bible that are a good chronicler of history (certain cities and characters mentioned in the Bible have been verified only in modern times). I'm also very interested in when it might be wrong and why such as the recently developed belief that camels weren't introduced into the Middle East until much later than the Bible indicates or that the walls of Jerico weren't there when the Bible indicates.

    I'm much more fascinated with the continuing debate in how quantum cosmology demands that for the universe ( or any of the universes if you believe in M theory) must have a sentinent, conscious observer for it/them to exist at all. It is only when a universe is observed that its wave equations collapse into some form of perceived reality. Does this mean that there was no definable universe at all before we were here to observe it ( or perhaps our alien brothers)? Does this mean that an omniscient God is required by science for the universe (or for that matter anything) to exist. Now that is a discussion that I do find fascinating.

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