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View Diary: The Evening Blues - 3-10-14 (115 comments)

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  •  Glenn up to 340,000 followers (11+ / 0-)

    before the Snowden work, it was something like 140,000 or less

    I got the 2 links above from his twitter account

    he doesn't post all that much stuff on his account

    has link to the interview with Edward today at SWSW. I would like to read a transcript.

    and Glenn spoke today there as well. Don't think it was live streamed but it should be on youtube in a while.

    Jesselyn Radack has an active twitter account and is featured in articles around the world

    don't think that DK is that important to her these days

    but she still publishes something here about once a week and gets some people pissed off

    Last Friday Joe posted a lot on Snowden and I should have followed up with a discussion on his truly outstanding statement to the EU

    he really is a genius to sort through all those documents and from what I have heard, he laid them out in an incredible way

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