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  •  this is a organic site, that is its beauty (none)
    this is democracy at its best. sometimes the "key " comes from the "mouth of babes". all are welcome the sand & the gems, just have restraint. peace.
    •  How this differs from a democracy (4.00)
      I've been thinking how this site, esp. recently, differs from the town-meeting democracy I've known in New England. At big annual meetings, there are always one or two blowhards who have to say something just to be heard. But that was not the case at the smaller weekly meetings in my town, and overall the meetings just wouldn't work unless people listen a lot more than they talk.

      It takes conscientiousness to allow the important business to be done without interruption by trivial matters. People wait until after the meeting to get into groups to talk about their opinions, rather than getting the meeting bogged down by expressing them.

      The comments section here allows plenty of latitude for opinions, even for relatively trivial things, and on top of that there are Open Threads. There's no need for posters to distract attention from important diaries by jumping in with trivial or unsubstantial diaries. Georgia's right, if we continue at the current rate in the current direction, we won't have many substantive diaries soon enough.

      DSM Watch - Day 62: When will Bush and Cheney finally read the documents?

      by smintheus on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 07:35:10 AM PDT

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