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  •  who am I (4.00)
    well, I certainly am not Markos.  Or a front-page poster.  I'm not a member for years, just since the election.  

    But I am someone who has dedicated hundreds of hours to this site.  Not because it's "cool" or I'm bored, but because I always viewed this site as more as a message board. I viewed it as a vehicle for change.  Nowhere else online have I stumbled across such an active, intelligent group of people who are willing to go beyond their keyboards and take the fight to the street or to the White House.

    So who am I. I've spent a lot of time here, reading countless of diaries, recommending.  I go out of my way to recommend someone's first diary, even if I'm the only name recommending, because I remember how good it felt when I got my first recommend. I go out of my way to give a 4 to a new name, because I remember thinking, way back in November, how cool it was to get a virtual handshake, a hello.

    I'm not the best writer on this site, and I'm not the most liked.  But I am someone who realizes that this community, this group of strangers, has the potential to accomplish a lot for our country, if we keep pushing ourselves.

    I apologize if the tone of my diary offended you, or any new people who thought the diary was geared solely towards them. It's not (the title, of course, is solely for marketing purposes!).  It's for everyone here at this site, including myself, who has forgotten what this site is really about: not just news, not just blurbs, but a comprehensive and productive dialogue on current affairs.

    by Georgia Logothetis on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 07:13:48 AM PDT

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