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  •  Newbie with a (somewhat hesitant) suggestion (4.00)
    First, I appreciate the guidance. I'm new here and still haven't had a chance to read all (I have read most of it) the background FAQs, dkosopedia, etc., so your pointers probably saved me from some future faux pas.

    But a thought occured to me. Pehaps another category for the front page would help. I realize the front page is already fairly cluttered, but maybe a section for recommended newslinks would ease the problem of bumping down well researched diaries.

    My guess is that the open thread is probably supposed to fill this function but that doesn't seem to be the case. So perhaps a one click link off the front page to something like "dkos news" where posters can post news links with just a one liner headline with a link would give people a concise way to share news info. And instead of a comment thread, just have a recommmend (or rate) system to float or bump down the news links.

    I know you say dkos is not a news aggregator, but I myself do come here partly for the pool of news the whole community has gathered. And since dkos is a growing community (with the accompanying growing pains) perhaps a new "department" would reduce diary clutter and provide a better way to share news info without a lot of repetition.

    Anyway, thanks again for trying to keep dkos functioning well, free thinking minds tend to be rather unruly things to keep organized.

    •  The great thing about browsers today... (none)
      is you can have several sites up at the same time.

      The eerie thing about your 'concern' about important links is... If kos jumped on your great idea... we would soon have sports forums and astrology forums and state forums and on and on and on and on it goes... until all the brilliance is so diluted with chatter... there's no point to even come here.  Why would we?  When we could go to DU for that?!

      Sorry to be so terse ... but with the millions upon millions of news aggregators out there??? Come on. Open a new window in your browser and consider Kos to be a place for stunning insight.  Cause that what it used to be.  

      Someone said upstream in a devil's advocate fashion that it's much easier to comment on a link and a blurb. Geeze louise!  God forbid we have to actually put grey matter to work.  Thank god Kos isn't a cracker jack news factory. Thank God.  The web is filled to the brim with that.  And that's cool...but this place is special.

      LetsFight. re handle: Fight the radical right is the sentiment!

      by letsfight on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 07:59:29 AM PDT

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      •  millions of news aggregators? (none)
        Don't mind you being terse at all. I assume the point of this thread is to clarify what dkos is and where it's headed.

        Your comment,
        "...until all the brilliance is so diluted with chatter... there's no point to even come here."
        is exactly what I'm trying to see a way past.

        It seems clear that it is a very particular type of posting that is causing well researched material to get bumped. So what is dkos to do about people posting quickie news links that aren't really diaries? And let me say I would never post a diary I didn't feel I'd put some time into and I do try and find related diaries to post a comment too rather than start a new diary. But not eveybody is following the suggested format. Do we add diary police? I'm suggesting dkos giving a place for that type of post may be a relatively easier solution.

        I'm not saying dkos should waste bandwidth on being DU II, but rather to allow a page for one-line headline links to be accumulated and rated AND (in keeping with your sentiment) give someplace for "breaking" junkie gas-bags to vent without interfering with the well researched diaries which, like yourself, is the primary reason I come here.

        So at the risk of being terse myself, what would you suggest to avoid the clutter and watering down of the great resource dkos is?

        •  What would I suggest? (none)
          Go to another site for the quickie linki-dink clutter.  If something is so important... then it demands a well well thought out diary.  If it's just news... go to a news site. DU or directly to the news sources.  

          My main point is... if we appease the people who don't want to have to anywhere else on these internets, then we have to appease the next group who want X... and then the next.

          The news links are out there. Go to where they are; and if they are so crushingly important, people should write a diary about them.  It seems the only way to maintain the high intellectuality of the place.  Which, unfortunately, is quite rare on these internets. Esp since so many really bright people post here.

          LetsFight. re handle: Fight the radical right is the sentiment!

          by letsfight on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 10:20:25 AM PDT

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          •  quickie link clutter (none)
            I go to many sites for news info, what I'm asking is what is a practical way to keep people from posting those news links where good diaries should be flourishing? I don't have the answer myself, but it doesn't appear that just reminding people is working. So do we keep emphasizing the rules and watch the continued dilution, or choose another course. I'm all ears for counter suggestions to segregating that type of post.

            And I agree, I used to have great discussions at DU and now it's more like a yahoo newsboard with a better vocabulary, much bluster no analysis.

            So how do WE make it better?

            •  I think the latter is sufficient. (none)
              Now, on other boards, admins seem to have to create all sorts of solutions to manage abberations in posting behavior. I have read kos for a couple of years, and what I have witnessed is, diaries such as this puts people back in line.  Not because everyone under the sun will see it... but because everyone who does see it and remembers it will call out the linkie dink clutter posters.  From what I have seen. And that is the beauty of having kept the purity of intellect as it has been.

              Yeah, I lament what DU has become. God forbid there be a religious or sexual orientation bruhahaha in the national news!  Example: Schiavo. All LBN on anything else goes to the wayside for what seems like weeks as everyone fights to their hearts content. Rove's Revenge in action, me thinks.

              LetsFight. re handle: Fight the radical right is the sentiment!

              by letsfight on Thu Jul 07, 2005 at 08:36:47 AM PDT

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        •  I should add... (4.00)
          DU is a case in point on what we should NOT do or even entertain on a small scale.  That site used to have some really heady conversations.  At this point... I think a lot of those more heady DUers have come here simply because there isn't an ounce of intellect being exuded over there.  Sad, but true.  For instance, today there was a lbn link added where steve jobs called the parents of a teen who was stabbed fatally for his ipod.  Okay...somewhat newsworthy.  Somewhat.  Where did the conversation go?  A mom exclaims.. OMG, I just gave my kid an ipod for her birthday!  How can I keep her safe.  I just KNOW this woman must live in Missouri NOT the Bronx... but she doesn't really say. And the whole conversation turns into all about how you might get teens to disguise their ipods "so they too aren't stabbed in the streets."

          Yep.. the conversation digressed into a "they will murder our kids for their ipods!  Protect your kids! What has the world come to?!"

          We do have diary police here. And THAT thread on Kos.. would be unproductive rated to oblivion. And thank god for that.  Why not watch faux news.

          No, I don't think you are suggesting a links dept for general news.  But that's where a links dept would lead... just as it did at DU.  Kos is fine keeping it at the heady stuff. Seems everyone is pretty darned up to date on the news.  How? They read it elsewhere. And the gritty stuff gets analysis here.  I would love to keep that purity of intellect.

          LetsFight. re handle: Fight the radical right is the sentiment!

          by letsfight on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 10:31:37 AM PDT

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