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  •  You are violating your own "rule"... (4.00) supposing to speak for "new people" here.

    When a flame war gets rolling, if you started it, you have a choice or two.  You can stay and fight what is surely a waste of your time sort of battle or you can just stop posting incendiary posts (no matter how much you feel they may be correct or may indeed be correct) to let things simmer down.

    But what you have done is now gone and done exactly the one thing that was irksome of GA10'a first post.. sound as if you have the right to speak for a whole group.

    Those of you who are pissed off in this thread, do many of us a favor (tho you all certainly are not bound to it) and step away from the keyboard and simmer down.

    The SM-62 Snark was a USAF intercontinental nuclear cruise missile that was operational in 1960-1961.

    by nika7k on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 07:52:16 AM PDT

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