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  •  that is front page (none)
    where diarists are far more at liberty with format and content.  what flies in front page pieces should NOT be extrapolated as what is acceptable in a diary.  


    •  hmmm (none)
      I don't agree.  

      You're right as far as the letter of the law goes, but whatever is on the front page does set a standard for the site.  This site is either a "News Aggregator" site, or it isn't.

      Before you jump on this, please note that I agree with most of the diary, and was echoing teacherken's point.

      •  well, (4.00)
        you don't have to agree with kos' rules for diaries to abide by them.  and they do serve a very important purpose, especially as dkos approaches a membership of 60,000.

        look at how many link/blurb diaries still show up, despite being against the rules.  now imagine how terrifying this place would be if all 57,000+ kossacks felt entitled to diary the latest onion article on shrubya's underwear...

        the front pagers are front pagers because it has been decided that their judgement in what constitutes a diary is sound.  if they post a two-paragraph diary, so be it.  but that does not transform dkos into a news aggregate site any more than shrubya accurately telling the time makes him an honest person.  

        and that's the thing about this world:  Nothing is absolute.  there are exceptions to almost every rule extant.  yes, it is possible for a link-and-one-paragraph diary to be of tremendous importance and merit 3 days' worth of discussion on the reco list.  but those are the exceptions and the pattern CANNOT be extrapolated to the rules.

        no "jumping" here - my tone is neutral, albeit overly emphatic.

        : p

        •  agree for the most part (none)
          well, you don't have to agree with kos' rules for diaries to abide by them.

          ...And heck, I follow the rules myself. I have no problem with the rules, amd I'm a pretty good citizen here, I think. I'm grateful for the site, and I'm well aware that it doesn't need my agreement / endorsement / love.

          I'm talking less about the rules themselves, love 'em or not, than the attempt to make a real community here.  Sure, the front pagers are more trusted, and absolutely should be.  

          But it seems unncessarily elitist to lay down the diary law for new posters -- complete with an explanation of what the site is and isn't (a News Aggregator) -- and then never explain HOW and WHY it's different for front pagers.

          Yes, of course there are always exceptions.  But a reiteration of THE RULES shouldn't ignore them.

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