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  •  Remember Rumsfeld (4.00)
    He said, "Democracy is messy." OK, so he was talking about Iraq and his own failed policies, but he could have been talking about The Daily Kos.

    Two suggestions:
    The "Newbie" post should be thrown into the recommends every month or should have it's own place in the far right column. I know when I joined, I wish I had such a primer, but when you join the site, you get so excited, you just start posting. I know the rules are in the FAQs, but I think something like this post should be put somewhere with more visibility.

    You can't speak to everybody all the time, so it is the job of Trusted Users is to tell people who are violating the rules in the comment sections of their posts. I often do this when people run a complete article instead of excerpts. Then I would encourage them to comment on them if they hadn't already.

    That's why I like this blog. Anybody can post, but anybody can enforce the rules. Remember, we are herding cats here. And also from Rumsfeld. "You fight your political battles with diarists you have and not the diarists you wish you had."

    Having said all that, I love the star diarists here. They always give me something to think about. And I love the activists who build sites around issues such as the Downing Street Minutes.


    Ask Republicans to turn in their yellow ribbons and join the Army. That would really be supporting the troops.

    by makemefree on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 08:43:38 AM PDT

    •  Getting excited (none)
      Imo, it might be helpful if the waiting period to post diaries was extended just a bit .. so that folks would have a bit more time to check out what's happening before making a contribution. If you've got something to say, you'll still have something to say in a few more days, no? If the story's so hot that you think you've got to post immediately, it's probably already been diairied. There's always the open threads, too.
      Just a few general thoughts.

      I think 'community check' diaries like this one by ga10 (who's one of those who really give life to the site, imo) are very helpful to the site's optimal functioning; they help clear things up in terms of community use & expectations.

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