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  •  I humbly apologize... (1.77)
    If any of my entries have violated the `community' standards as imposed and monitored by Georgia10.  It would break my heart if he/she had one of her exceptionally well crafted and poignant masterpieces pushed off a list of 50 diaries by something I've written which is totally devoid of any merit since it was not pre approved by the `community' monitors headed by georgia10.   However I guess that is the price you have to pay for not being a front-page poster.

    Maybe you could ask KoS to create a diary list that is ranked by what the community thinks is important.  O right we have one of those.  Maybe we need a list of diaries ranked by what Georgia10 thinks of them.

    •  Jesus... (4.00)
      These rules aren't new, and they weren't written by georgia10.
      •  I agree that the rules are... (3.00)
        ... not new.  However; her tone and attitude were more what I was replying to.

        Because she gets bothered by it she goes off and creates an offensive and holy-than-though preachy diary, that in and of itself does not add anything more that what Kos, I believe, placed in the FAQ.

        Additionally, if Kos or one of the regular front page posters didn't think it was worthy of a short mention on the front page where does Georgia10 get the idea that she is the hall monitor for the day.  While I greatly respect her topical postings I don't like being told my contributions are of less value than hers.  If I ever post a diary and it is repetitive or banal take me to task in the diary but in the mean time this newbie lurker does not need to be schooled and talked down to.

        Sorry for the excessive snark but I get pissed sometimes.  And yet another Meta/community diary just did it to me.

    •  They aren't MY standards (4.00)
      Jesus Christ people, I'm just echoing the already established rules here.

      I'm not asking for treatises or masterpieces or high-quality work. I'm asking for people to follow the damn rules, that's IT.

      What does it say that people are getting so huffy about following the rules as established by Markos himself?

      btw. I'm not a front page poster.

      by Georgia Logothetis on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 09:51:17 AM PDT

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  •  Respect (4.00)
    Imo, it's about respect for the site. Adhering to established rules is a show of respect for the community as it's been created.
    Is the primary value of the site in its community aspect, or as a bullhorn for individuals & 'fuck the rules'?
    Come on, folks, you know the answer to that one.  
    Really, this refers to the age-old rule: don't shit where you eat. I don't quite see the problem with that.
  •  hey, georgiegirl (or guy) - don't take (none)
    the negs personal... i am in total agreement with you about the quality of the diaries of late.  it IS about the rules - it really is!

    looking at everyone who wants to be "first" without caring about the quality or relevance of what he/she writes hurts the site.  finding 10 "diaries" about rove/plame on the first 50 page is disheartening since i am on dialup at the moment.  it is slow to load the next fifty and navigate to find the good diaries that are now lost in the masses.

    on occasion when i, too, diary - i run a search and sometimes STILL miss a story that has become lost in the mess of "what movies are you watching...".

    when i get called, i delete - even after being annoyed that i've put some significant time and effort into the diary - but, if it's covered, it's covered.  i am not annoyed that my diary is not seen, i am annoyed that i've wasted time putting it together and have missed the earlier one - OR i am annoyed after putting in several hours drawing out an argument to find a "first" diary that says BREAKING - something has just happened!!!!! and that is the extent of the damned diary - no direction to the dialogue, rambling and lack of logical discussion follows - meandering "i saw it, too!" comments - yet no pursuing the underlying issues to their logical conclusions with ramifications of their political impact and what we could and should be doing about it.

    the difference between "DID YOU SEE THAT!" diaries and "What are we going to DO about THAT?" diaries has been what has made this site different and effective.

    there is no faster way to lose the attention of the conyers, slaughters, peolosis and kennedys of the world than to become a social club that is more interested in personal ego than political activismj.

    markos has set up a powerful tool in effective political activism.  it is up to us to use that tool - not for personal "gain" or "ego-stroking" - but for the original purpose it was intended: a strong unified political voice to be heard by the opposition party and our own representatives!

    RIGHT ON! georgia10!   this needed to be said - again....

    War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Long Live Oceana!

    by edrie on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 12:08:03 PM PDT

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  •  If your determined (4.00)
    to take this diary wrong then you will. We can't make people want to produce better content. But it's an occasional reminder of us doing better with the site. Is it really so wild and obscene to want to keep this site going strong and reminding people when it falters and needs a general "self check?" I remember reading some of these types of diaries when I first came here and I sort of wondered what I was supposed to feel on it, did this site even want newbies. But that was seldom the point. It was just like a household reminder to do your chores.
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