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  •  Don't be put off by one person (4.00)
    That diarest doesn't speak for Kos. Or for the other 56k+ that have joined the site as contributing members. That why you joined, right? You joined to do so.

    This Diary was her PERSONAL OPINION. Nothing more. Post away within the broad guidelines.

    No diaries no one line diaries. No more than twice a day. Try to keep your diaries fact filled or at least considered opinion.

    Link away. Don't reproduce an entire article as it does raise copyright issues, although if fully attributed and linked back there is some unsettled grey area...(not worth exploring)..., but you may find an article or new PAC ad the rest of us don't know about that can be very educational. So post the link.[Before anyone jumps on this paragraph, I have an IP attorney on retainer who has argued and won in front of the Supreme Court. I really do know a little on the topic.]

    Please take more time and do more than link to meet the minimum standards for diaries. But include your link. CONTRIBUTE your ideas, concepts and reactions. That's what community is all about.

    The diarest doesn't speak for anyone but herself. There is ONLY one person who can speak for DailyKos....Kos. When he speaks then everyone should listen.

    Diary away. Frankly there are many times I get more from the Diaries than the front page.

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