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  •  A Hotlist is Forever (4.00)
    .. if you want it to be.

    Georgia10, I am subscribed to your diaries and so do not miss a beat.  As are many, I'm sure.

    But I cannot be here 24/7 (or even 8/5).  When I log in:

    1. I look at the recent 50 in search of topics of interest (and writers that are new to me).  One or two I will bookmark for a quiet read later.

    2. I check the recommended list.

    3. I view my Hotlist to keep up with my subscribed authors and bookmarks.

    I agree with all of your criticism, except I welcome a good repeat twice a day or so in order to have a better chance of catching a topic during my hour or so onlist.

    After a current diary has gone over 70 comments or so, I am hesitant to read deeper than the first 12 or so, and reluctant to add anything, but will still read the diary in any case.

    No one need be upset by the fact that their diary slips off the recent 50.  If you continue to produce good writing, we will find you eventually, with all your saved diaries.

    But doesn't everyone have a couple dozen diarists on subscription?  Never fear, then.

    On the other hand, how many highly visible diaries consist of gigantic comment threads full of troll-feeds, and single-issue hotbutton exchanges, and general open thread garbage?  Too many.

    Be all that you can be: Work for peace - - Jesus (Mt.5:9)

    by Upstream Review on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 10:08:03 AM PDT

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