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  •  I'm an infrequent diarist (4.00)
    myself. If I have something I want to say, I've got my own blog to do it on, and I have privileges at a couple of other group blogs as well. But once in a while there's something I want to say to this community, and I have been known to cross-post bits and pieces (or whole posts) from my own blog or one of the ones I write for, if I think it's worth the community's time or I'm hoping to reach a wider audience.

    But most of my work here is done in the trenches, as a commenter. I do appreciate what goes on the front page, and there are a number of truly outstanding writers with those privileges. But the diaries are still where I find the most gold on this site, and the number-one reason I keep coming back.

    As you say, though, YMMV.

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