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  •  Why do I come here? (none)
    For chewy conversation on issues that matter to me.  I do not come here to read diaries or posts that aren't chewy - posts that are essentially taking turns (or not) talking to oneself.  Tell me something new or shudup.

    To those who spend hours crafting diaries that aren't appreciated - too bad.  I don't come here to applaud hard work.  To those whose diaries start and stay at the top and tell me nothing new - go away.  I don't come here to applaud popularity.  To those who have something to say and say it - keep on keepin' on.  We'll find you and appreciate you.

    Here's a question - when, and why, is compromise appropriate in a democratic government?  Is compromise always and only issue specific?  Does not the refusal to compromise compromise a democratic government?

    Everyone once in a while I'm startled by the mob mentality here - and in other lists I'm on.  The thoughtful silence themselves in direct proportion to the volume of the mob.  Scary stuff....

    So I post pictures of poodles.
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