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  •  my other pet one: (none)
    the ability to unrecommend a diary without having to recommend it first.  every 'unrecommend' knocks the dairy down a place on the recent list...
    •  meh... (none)
      that should read "my other, pet one" since i only just thought of the anonymizer this morning, but have been praying for a pre-emptive unrecommend button for a while now.

      : p

    •  I'd use a different rule (none)
      Letting a single person knock a diary down a place seems too powerful, but letting overwhelming community opinion purge a diary from the recommended list seems like a good idea. A broad middle ground would be to let people vote to disrecommend a diary, but have this vote count against the diary by X times as much as a positive recommendation. If X were 1.0, disrecommends would be as powerful as recommends, and the recommended diaries might become quite bland. If X were 0.01, it would take a 100-to-1 opposition to purge a diary from the recommended list. Set X = 0.0 would make disrecommends just powerless protests.

      Setting X = 0.2 might be a good choice, but the number could be fiddled with based on experience -- if the mechanism were in place.

      Stem-cell graphical snark for your use:

      by technopolitical on Wed Jul 06, 2005 at 01:39:06 PM PDT

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