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  •  Jotter (none)
    You know I love your lists - but may a I make a suggestion. If you could work something out to post the list of diaries before they "expire" it would be great.

    I use your lists frequently, but am disappointed when I can not rate a comment or recommend the diary. I know many diaries would never make it to the recommended list when a recommendation happens late in the game - but I view recommends as a way to let the diarist know you read it and found it worthwhile. I know we should all write for ourselves first and foremost, but it is nice to give a little encouragement to good writers.

    •  Good suggestion (none)
      But it's somewhat beyond my control.  I'm not in a position to publish more often than once a day, and diaries are only open for 24 hr.  You see the problem.

      The real solution would be to host the page on site, and let people choose the interval over which they'd like to see the current top recommended/commented on diaries.  But I can't provide that.

      Sorry.  But glad you find the lists useful anyway.

      •  I do like your lists (none)
        it really helps filter out the noise. There are a few other tricks I use as well.

        Would your "how I do these amazing diaries" series help me figure out a way to do this? It would be fun to try to catch the recommended diaries before they were "closed".

        I'm trying to learn some PERL and Python, would they help? I'm new to this stuff - any ideas (or a point in the right direction)?

        Thanks jotter

        •  SL (none)
          I hope the how to do it diaries would help point you in the right direction.  

          You almost have to know a high level scripting language like perl or python, as well as Java. The choice between perl and python is vast.  I know a little perl, much more python.  This is a semi religious decision.  If you don't know either, trying out both is a good idea.  Contact with a community of users (even a community of one) is nearly essential,becuase when its time to ask someone a question that can save you huge amounts of time.

          There is a bigger more well developed perl community in some places, but python is used and relied on in many many places as well.  BitTorrent is a python app.  Google uses python extensively; I think they've banned perl.

          That's all for now - best of luck.

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