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  •  SL (none)
    I hope the how to do it diaries would help point you in the right direction.  

    You almost have to know a high level scripting language like perl or python, as well as Java. The choice between perl and python is vast.  I know a little perl, much more python.  This is a semi religious decision.  If you don't know either, trying out both is a good idea.  Contact with a community of users (even a community of one) is nearly essential,becuase when its time to ask someone a question that can save you huge amounts of time.

    There is a bigger more well developed perl community in some places, but python is used and relied on in many many places as well.  BitTorrent is a python app.  Google uses python extensively; I think they've banned perl.

    That's all for now - best of luck.

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