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  •  I encourage you to do a little research regarding (9+ / 0-)

    how labeling things CT became a meme.  It really has little to do with things like somebody saying that an alien kidnapped them last night and took them on an intergalactic voyage...

    There are things that are obviously outlandish.

    The national security establishment here (CIA, etc.) mastered the art of discrediting activists in multiple ways, and labeling people conspiracy theorists or paranoids or crazy or immoral have been an integral part of that campaign.

    These tactics have been so well-developed and used with such frequency, that they became memes adopted by society at large.

    You will see a pattern that when people try to connect the dots regarding exactly how those in power (shadow government, or "Deep State") control the system, they are immediately attacked and discredited; labels like conspiracy theorist are often used.

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