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  •  Franken had the nomination wrapped before he (6+ / 0-)

    ever announced.  He moved back to the state prior the 2006 election and he started doing campaign rallies and fundraisers for candidates.  He's how I heard of Tim Walz as a college friend wanted to go see Franken, and he was hosting an event for Walz.  So he put in a lot of goodwill which made it very obvious he was going to run for Senate.  Why else would some C-list celebrity move from NY to MN and start getting involved in politics?

    That made any other challengers realize if they want to run, they'll have to go up against his juggernaut fundraising and name rec, so no one bothered running.  And we have a backlog of state legislators who want to move up, so we absolutely would have gotten a tier-one candidate.  Outside of the legislature, Rep. McCollum had only been in office three terms and she could've had a choice of stay in the House to build up seniority or she could've won herself a Senate seat.  (She doesn't strike me as Senate material as she's loudly liberal, but she still could've won.)

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