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    Lose it in a primary maybe, if some powerful Democrat steps up in 2016.  He's completely safe for 2014 though.  His only opponents are absolute nobodies with zero money.  Has everyone forgotten the fact that he won 62-37 in 2012, despite Cook, RCP, and The Hill rating it Likely Dem and the NYTimes actually rating it only Lean Dem?  Have we forgotten that this is a 62-37 Obama seat, and that Grayson actually outran the president by a fraction of a percent, despite everyone predicting he would underperform the top of the ticket significantly?  Have we forgotten that this seat is actually trending bluer year by year?

    This story doesn't look good, but let us not forget that Mark Sanford got elected literally a week after trespassing into his ex-wife's home.  My prediction: it will be completely forgotten by the time the election rolls around and Grayson will win in a landslide again.  Because the Republicans running against him are complete some dudes and national groups aren't going to waste their time trying to weaken Grayson in what is a hopeless seat for the GOP.

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      James Allen, JBraden

      Sanford just cheated on his wife; if Grayson's wife is telling the truth, he used physical violence against her and Grayson's young children.  That's much worse.

      Although I will agree, Grayson is more likely to lose a primary if it got really bad for him and the GOP would have to have a good candidate to make it competitive in the general.

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        I was actually surprised Grayson didn't have a primary fight in 2012, given the new seat's expected blueness and his perceived weaknesses as a candidate.

        Regardless of how one feels about Grayson though, I certainly hope this isn't true.  No one deserves physical abuse.  Ever.

        Stuck in PA-3. Let's defeat "Mike" Kelly and Tom Corbett in 2014!

        by JBraden on Wed Mar 05, 2014 at 06:31:23 AM PST

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