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  •  Hawaii state senate voted (10+ / 0-)

    to up minimum wage to $10.10.  The vote was 24-1...guess who the odd man out was, lol.

    •  No way, Mike Gabbard how could he! ;) (1+ / 0-)
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      I wonder how long until the state has a 25-0 caucus and Sam Slom loses. Maybe it won't happen in our lifetimes, but it wouldn't shock me whatsoever.

      •  Yup Sam Slom (1+ / 0-)
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        The battle will happen when he retires (currently 71, been in the senate since 1996).  Democrats have only made half-hearted attempts at him for awhile now, or let him go unchallenged.  It is the most historically GOP area of the state, but more than that, I think there's no real desire in the HI Dem party to beat him.  When he retires though, nothing will stop ambitious Dems from trying to replace him, and there will be a real fight for it since there's no GOP heir apparent (Dems have one of the nested House districts, the GOP has the other, but he's the same age as Slom).

        Djou would be their best bet...however his pride might keep him from settling for state senate.

        So 25-0 might happen, but we've also got to watch our backs on SD-23 (Clayton Hee) which I wrote about the other day.  The other 23 districts should be pretty solid for the foreseeable future.

        •  Do you think there might be (1+ / 0-)
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          some sort of break up of the Democratic caucus in the future? It doesn't seem like these numbers are sustainable, even in Hawaii.

          •  In essence there already is (1+ / 0-)
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            the Hawaii state House has operated as a battle between two factions of Democrats since the 90s.  The state senate had some serious factional fights in the mid 2000s as well, but heavy turnover has mitigated that.

            Mostly it was just fighting over committee chairmanships and such.  Nothing really interesting.  Not a dramatic ideological split like what happened in Kansas.

            You're probably right about these numbers not being sustainable.  Some scandal or just a bad candidate in an open seat could give Republicans an opening every now and then.  The state has always been solidly Dem, but these numbers are historically large, even bigger than during the consecutive Dem landslides in the 1960s.  I'm sure at some point Republicans will claw back a few state senators and get over 10 state representatives again...could be awhile though.

    •  well now all the businesses will up and move (7+ / 0-)

      over the state border- oh, wait...

      "I join Justice Ginsburg's dissent in full." - Clarence Thomas in Philip Morris USA v. Williams

      by James Allen on Tue Mar 04, 2014 at 07:50:02 PM PST

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