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View Diary: Why did Obama let this happen, and other questions on Ukraine (313 comments)

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  •  Brief history of Russian military actions in (1+ / 0-)
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    European countries post-WWII.

    1956- Hungary- Russian troops suppress local rebellion.  US President Eisenhower (Rep) takes no miltary action to counter this bloody military assault despite please from Hungarians.

    1968- Czechoslovakia- About 750,000 Russian and allied troops sent to suppress local leaders demanding autonomy.  US President Johnson (Dem) takes no military action to counter this move, which is much less bloody only because there is far less organized military resistance than there was in Hungary.

    somewhat related:
    1948-49: Russia cuts highway access to Berlin.  US President Truman (Dem) begins an airlift which brings enough supplies into the city that the Russians eventually allow highway access again.  No shots were fired by either side.

    The US has never taken any war-like military action against any military action that Russia has taken in Europe.  Neither they nor we should expect anything other than diplomatic responses to whatever the Russians do in the Ukraine either.

    The closest the US has come to taking military action was the formation of NATO as a force which could militarily oppose Russia if they attacked any NATO country.  Presumably this deterred Russia from whatever plans they had to do so.  

    However, NATO likewise never attempted to militarily dislodge Russian troops from any of the "Warsaw Pact" nations which they had occupied during WWII either.  

    •  And NATO wasn't actually attacked... (0+ / 0-) we have no idea if that alliance would actually hold, but we'll find out soon enough. Putin's going for the baltics next.

      Ukraine is a very big deal. They need our support.

      by LordMike on Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 11:46:44 AM PST

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    •  Can't believe I omitted yet another example- (0+ / 0-)

      2008- Georgia- Russia invades, though apparently the Georgian government fired the first shot.  But certainly the Russians were happy to provoke them.  US President Bush ("W") took no military action to counter this move.

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